The woman “behind” the Visionary

Okairy Rodriguez L.C.S.W. is the woman “behind” the visionary leading this company, is a silent partner, and is a vital part of the overall mission at Okyrie Royale. The Founder created this company and named it after her because of the strength she gives him and the love she pours into him daily. The Founder is taking that same strength and love to create Okyrie Royale, a coffee company like no other, to influence and give back to people in a positive way across the United States and around the globe. Women are beautiful and powerful beings, our Founder knows this and in a very direct way wanted to share that by naming this company after her. The Founder wants the world to know who helped him build into the man he is today and how growing his strengths through their relationship has influenced him to go beyond the “norm” and build something he can share with the world. Although this story isn’t shared often, it’s the #1 reasion Adam founded this company and created a specific mission designed to influence people in a positive way.

Learn more about our Company and Mission HERE.

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