Cheif Visionary Officer

Adam Rodriguez, the Founder and CVO of Okyrie Royale®, is passionate about people, coffee and making a positive difference in the world. After leaving the U.S. Marines and executive protection, he began his enterprise in the coffee industry. Following years of conversations with many people from all walks of life, he had discovered a common theme in their wants and needs. Okyrie Royale was formed to fill those desires.

Chief Financial Officer

Jaime Bejar is the CFO of Okyrie Royale. Starting out in accountng and finances years ago, Jaime knows exactly what to look for to maxmize our revenue in support of our overall mission. Our CFO owns his own consulting and tax firm and has had great success. When Adam approached Jaime, the vision our CVO painted and the passion behind the mission made it a no-brainer for Jaime to come on board. With a big vision comes big numbers. From sales and salaries to our dedication of donations, he ensures we are on the correct financial trajectory to fulfill our higher purpose, our global mission here at Okyrie Royale. Jaime is a vital part of our mission and without him we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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