Here at OKYRIE ROYALE we don’t just provide the best tasting coffees from around the world, we have a mission to positively impact people in the United States and around the globe. We are committed to amazing quality for a cause. We offer premium coffee & tea backed by a mission that reflects the push to pay farmers and their workers fair wages, improve their villages and living conditions. This allows those farmers to keep producing high quality coffee while earning a living that will support their families for generations to come.

When you purchase your coffee and tea from Okyrie Royale, together we are improving the environment to sustain the forests that allows our farmers to produce the premium quality coffee & tea we drink. With every order placed we donate a percentage of our profits to causes we support. To create a global impact we are teamed up with non-profits to help a variety of communities, including: America’s veteran community, at-risk youth, international humanitarian efforts and much more.

Operation Create Abundance, Freedom and Excellence


Liberum Vivere™