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The Coffee Advantage

Timing of the opportunity

Coffee is a 100 BILLON DOLLAR industry worldwide and specialty coffee sales (our market) are growing 20% every single year

Traded on wallstreet

Coffee is the 2nd most traded commodity on Wall Street - only 2nd to oil. Coffee is the most consumed beverage behind water

Americans Love Coffee

Over 80% of N. Americans drink coffee, 255 million drink coffee everyday and over 100 million cups are served everyday in the U.S.

Have Fun Sharing Coffee

Coffee is simple. Share, brew, drink! Have fun while you develop a new stream of income sharing the best tasting coffee around

Products people love

Certified CCOF Organic

CCOF goes beyond the standard USDA Organic. CCOF means we dig deep into the soil to ensure the mineral content is strong to allow our coffee to grow to it's peak potential

Air Roasted Coffee

Air roasted coffee is rare and unique, only 1% of coffee is roasted this way around the world. It offers a smoother taste, a cleaner profile and a lower overall acidity in the coffee

Globally Sourced

We source coffee from over 10 countries from around the world. We've picked the best of the best and roast our coffee fresh. We also source a variety of premium teas

The #1 Lifestyle

More than a coffee company, we are dedicated to inspiring people in our affiliate programs to live the life they desire and develop life-changing residual income

Okyrie royale leadership

Our Mission

We want to inspire people to live the lifestyle they desire one cup at a time. We are focused on positively impacting and empowering those around us in positive way

Our Executive Team

Our Founder, Adam Rodriguez, is the Chief Visionary Officer. Our CFO, Jaime Bejar, is a master at finances and ensure we are always on track to provide the best coffee around

Coffee with a Cause

We are focused on partnering up with businesses and charities to help improve our communities here at home and around the globe

Veteran Owned

Our Founder is a U.S. Marine Veteran focused on providing the best coffee, service and opportunities to people across the United States and around the world

Independent distributor

Our Income Opportunity allows you to take advantage of all of the key aspects of creating wealth long-term. Maximize your income by leveraging our system by developing a strong team of like-minded people to work with

40% Team Payout

We payout up to 40% of the profits to you and your team! Earn on personal customer sales, customer referrals and up to 8 Referral Generations. Develop a strong network of coffee drinkers that you earn on every month

Plug into the System

Our system is simple to understand and easy to execute. You bring the skills and drive the sales, our system we'll do the rest. Every sale you make we'll be roasting, packing and shipping out all of your orders for you. It's that simple

Leverage the System

Do you enjoy earning money in your sleep? Leveraging our Coffee Club allows you to develop a customer base of subscribers. You will earn a residual commission on every customer for life

Duplicate the System

It would be impossible to work over 24 hours per day, but if you developed a team of people working just a few hours per day you can easily achieve that. A team allows you to duplicate our system and your efforts to maximize your income

#1 Retail Sales

The OO Program allows you to purchase our coffee at wholesale price. Earn up to 50% on direct sales. Use it to sample and share with people to help create loyal fans and customers. Nothing beats a personal touch and a professional attitude

#2 Fast Start Bonus

Both of our Programs offer Luxury Bonuses, but the OO Program is the only one that offers a Leadership Bonus. Get paid an additional 10% on sales! As your team and customers grows we'll bonus you for being a great leader and sharing our company with the world

#3 Earn on Referrals

When you introduce a new customer to our company and they buy, you get paid. When your customer refers someone they earn points... and you get paid too! People refer people all the time, we want to maximize your efforts and pay you every opportunity we can. There is no limit to how much you can earn

Luxury Lifestyle Bonus and more!

Earn a monthly bonus to live the lifestyle you desire! Also earn...

#4 Leadership Bonus
#5 Check Match Bonus
#6 Market Share Bonus
#7 Infinity Bonus

OUR Programs

Work with us and become a part of the Okyrie Royale family.

Affiliate Program

  • $49.95 per year
  • Save 33% on products
  • Earn 25% Commissions
  • Perfect for the Solo-preneur
  • Luxury Lifestyle Bonuses
  • Plug & Play System
  • Thriving Industry
  • Earn as much as you want

OO Program

  • $49.95 per year
  • Save up to 50% on products
  • Up to 40% Commissions
  • Perfect for the Team Leader
  • Luxury Lifestyle Bonuses
  • Leadership Bonuses
  • Earn on Customer Referrals
  • Access to wholesale pricing
  • The Perfect Wealth System

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely not. Earn as much as you desire!

Live Royal

Not at all! The average cost of a cup of black coffee is around $2.00! Even at our $24 retail price you’re only paying $0.86 per cup, that’s over a dollar less than at a coffee shop.

Our average customer saves over 65% on coffee and up to 30 minutes per day compared to visiting a coffee shop daily. You’re able to save both time and money when you brew Okyrie Royale coffee.

Live Royal

Every time a customer refer someone to purchase OR products we give them 5% in Royale Points (RP) to use towards their own purchases. Your customers will keep getting 5% in RP on every single order their referrals make for life.

Then there is our Generational Referrals, which is a unique system within the Referral Rewards Program. When the friend your customer referred, refers someone too… your customer and their friend both earn 5% in RP on that! That means they are getting points on 2 generations of referrals.

The major advantage of using this program is that with enough referrals your customers can get their coffee for FREE every single month. Our Referral Rewards Program will allow your customers to earn 5% in Royale Points for up to 6 Referral Generations.

Use our Income Opportunity to earn on customer referral orders for up to 9 Generations.

Live Royal

It’s our members-only reserve menu. We offer a variety of unique coffees, and even teas. We aim to reserve the best coffee from around the world for our amazing Members.

Live Royal

Our Members Say

"When dealing with $100k luxury vehicles I only drink Okyrie Royale coffee. It keeps me focused and energized, which helps me strategize the team and get things done right. This is the only place I'll buy my coffee from ever again."
Francisco Chavez
Business Owner
"Wow! I love this coffee, and it’s rich, full and smooth taste. I ordered and received 6 bags Okyrie Royale yesterday and immediately had our first delicious cup. This morning we were back at it, (yes, we’re daily coffee drinkers) and there IS a difference between average, good and this great tasting coffee. The “Pay It Forward” vision, with contribution from the sales of this coffee makes this a definite go-to choice for us."
Al Rodriguez
"Absolutely the BEST coffee in town! Okyrie Royale coffee is the only coffee for the A-ROK Team and the only coffee you will see in our office! I highly recommend this brand of coffee if you like your morning cup of joe."
Owner, A-Rok Entertainment
"Okyrie Royale is a breath of fresh air. Not only is their coffee incredible, the customer service aspect of their business is truly amazing. If you’re looking for a new blend, or something you haven’t thought of before, look no further. These guys are doing something really cool, and the coffee speaks for itself. Tired of the coffee snobs at your local shop? Okyrie Royale is your perfect solution. Cheers, y’all!"
Bob Wild
Singer, Die Blonde