Enjoy our premium roasted coffee, OR Apparel, and premium content!

Membership Levels

As a Club Member you will be able to save up to 33% on Okyrie Royale products and services. Each membership level provides you a monthly coffee delivery service, access to the membership platform, and allows you to earn Rewards Points. Use Points for future orders, or share them with family and friends as a gift.

Club Member

$ 22 / Per month
  • 1x Bag Monthly Coffee Supply*
  • Save up to 26% on OR products
  • Earn Referral Points

Executive VIP Member

$ 60 / Per month
  • 4x Bags Monthly Coffee Supply*
  • Save up to 50% on OR products
  • Earn Referral Points
  • Earn Rewards Points
  • Cash Back Rewards
  • Official Dealer Status
*Best DEAL*

VIP Member

$ 40 / Per month
  • 2x Bags Monthly Coffee Supply*
  • Save up to 30% on OR products
  • Earn Referral Points
  • Earn Rewards Points
  • Ambassador Status


What is the Club?

The Club is where the members’ private network, secret products, services and partner deals are accessed.

What size are the coffee bags?

Each bag is 1 pound (16 oz). Our goal is to keep you fueled up, so we don’t see the point in using the 8, 10 or 12 oz sizes to keep you coming back more often than necessary. You get a full pound of coffee in every bag. When you purchase 4 or more bags you can save up to 50%.

What is the cost per cup?

Every bag serves approximately 32 cups, and starts at $0.69 per cup for Members. Prices can be as low as $0.47 per cup. For reference, the US average cost of black coffee is $1.85 per cup.

What is the Dealer Program?

The Dealer Program is our friendly wholesale pricing program for people to get great wholesale pricing for their home or workplace, or as a way to enter the coffee industry with minimal overhead costs. Dealers receive up to 50% off Okyrie Royale products.

What is the eFranchise Program?

Our eFranchise Program is a way to make a small investment into a proven system to produce a profit at your pace. The advantage of our eFranchise Program is that our system is designed to be flexible around your lifestyle. Simply, it’s a business you can start and pause on your terms, and that includes the support of our eFranchise Service Team.

How does the eFranchise work?

Whether you buy wholesale, drive online traffic to your website, or both, you are able to leverage our company branding, products and services to earn a profit. Orders placed online will be packaged and shipped from the Okyrie Royale HQ, and any sales you make in person is 100% your profit. We will provide personalized consultation sessions to ensure you are maximizing your potential with the time you decide to dedicate to your business. 

What's included with the eFranchise?

eFranchise owners receive the lowest wholesale costs on Okyrie Royale products, and there are no minimum orders. You will receive basic tools and equipment you can easily store in your home or workplace, access to wholesale and bulk pricing, a personalized branded website, a virtual office to track and manage your business, product and sales training, and much more! contact our eFranchise Service Team to learn more.