Strong Leadership,

One Powerful Vision.

coffee king chair

Adam Rodriguez

Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

What makes OKYRIE™ unique is Adam’s vision and commitment to bring the best coffees to the people of the world. His success continues and as the company expands, Adam and his product development team are continually bringing additional product lines to the people of the world. Adam developed the integrated sales systems and leadership culture, focused on generational wealth, earning him the respect of being one of the most admired and successful affiliates in the company.

jaime exec

Jaime Bejar

Co-Founder & CFO

As Chief Financial Officer, Jaime Bejar has global responsibility for all accounting and financial operations, as well as risk management operations for OKYRIE. It’s widely believed that nobody regularly sells more OR products than OR’s Co-Founder, Jaime Bejar. As Co-Founder of OKYRIE™, Jaime spearheaded the development of the compensation plan, sales training, leadership development and global expansion plan.