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Our Dealer Program allows you to develop a customer base and gives you the ability to expand your reach with a team.

If you know of anyone who would answer “YES” then you are ready for the next step! Our System is simple and has been proven to work. When a person says “YES” to you, simply follow up with: “I’m working with an amazing coffee company, would you like to help us out by giving us your feedback on how our coffee tastes?”

• Ask two simple questions.
Hand them a FREE sample of coffee.
• Set a follow up day and time and contact them when you said you would!
• When they like the coffee, simply ask: “Would you like to buy one or two bags? 

No hard-selling needed. In fact we don’t want you convincing anyone of anything, let them try the coffee and decide for themselves. The person who samples the most people has the best chance of success. Having a portfolio of customers using products they love, on a subscription basis, allows you to earn passive income each month.

Do you know of at least 10 people? Family, friends, co-workers, gym partners, coaches, teachers, athletes, referrals… the list can go on!

Have you ever wondered how people earn money while they sleep? By leveraging Okyrie Royale to your advantage you will be able to do just that. When you decide to build a team you’re now truly leveraging the power of duplication. Multiply your income by developing a strong and stable team.

• A team allows you to accomplish more with the same effort.
• Imagine 10 or more people with the same work ethic as you?
• Imagine how many more customers you could reach with a team?

To fully support the hard work that you put into your new OKYRIE™ income, we developed two of most powerful ways to get paid.

• Retail Sales, which rewards personally generated sales. Great for store-front businesses and earning “right-now” money.
• And the solid stability of building a team, which includes powerful Fast Track, Customer Network and Leadership bonuses.

By fully utilizing the Dealer Program, OKYRIE™ has developed 5 ways to get paid, including large and immediate earnings, as well as significant long-term residuals for life-changing income.


Retail sales are the foundation of the OKYRIE™ Opportunity. By selling OKYRIE™ Products to retail customers, you can earn generous profits of up to 50%. The Coffee Club make it easy to grow your customer base.


You can start making money right away! Earn $60 – $300 on each OR Promotional Product Pack sold, with no limit on the number of packs you can sell.

Customer Bonus

Earn 25% on your personal customers for life. Get paid on product orders and re-orders from your personal customers and people they refer.

Leadership Bonus

Expand your business by developing new Dealers. Earn a percentage on wholesale orders generated by your Dealer locations.

Customer network Bonus

The heart of your lifetime residual income. As your Dealers grow so does your Customer Network, earn on orders and re-orders in your group.

Actual income will depend on the amount of time and effort an individual devotes to their business.