Your Business

Our Dealer Program allows you to develop a customer base and gives you the ability to expand your reach with a customer network.

If you know of anyone who would answer “YES” then you might be qualified to become an official Okyrie Royale Dealer. If you are determined, are able to maintain a good attitude while you build your business, we would be happy to invite you to become an official OR Dealer. Start building a part-time to full-time income, whether it’s to support a hobby, save for your kids’ college, down payment on a car, or to supplement your income. The possibilities are endless. As an OR Dealer you will receive exclusive access to wholesale pricing (up to 50% off), and a Virtual Office to track your business, customer sales and your commissions you’ve earned. You will also receive a personalized website to maximize your business’ online reach.

We utilize a simple and straight-forward sampling method that anybody can do. The person who samples the most amount of people has the best chance of success. Imagine having a portfolio of just 30 customers using products they love, on a subscription basis, that allows you to earn passive income each month.

Who do you know that drinks coffee? Family, friends, co-workers, gym partners, coaches, teachers, professors, athletes, neighbors… the list can go on!

When you decide to build a Team and expand your Customer Network you’re now truly leveraging the power of duplication. Multiply your income by developing a strong and stable team.

• A Customer Network allows you to reach more consumers.
• Building a team means you can accomplish more together.
• Imagine working with just 2 or 3 people who have similar goals?
• Imagine how many more customers you could reach with a team?

To fully support the hard work that you put into your new OKYRIE™ income, we developed two of most powerful ways to get paid.• Retail Sales, which rewards personally generated sales. Great for store-front businesses and earning “right-now” money.

• And the solid stability of building a Customer Network, which includes powerful Fast Track, Lifetime and Leadership bonuses.

By fully utilizing the Dealer Program, OKYRIE™ has developed 5 ways to get paid, including large and immediate earnings, as well as significant long-term residuals for life-changing income.


Retail sales are the foundation of the OKYRIE™ Opportunity. By selling OKYRIE™ Products to retail customers, you can earn generous profits of up to 200%. The Golden Circle Club make it easy to grow your customer base.


You can start making money right away! Earn up to $60 on each OR Promotional Product Pack sold, with no limit on the number of packs you can sell.

Customer Bonus

Earn 20% on your personal customers for life. Get paid on product orders and re-orders from your personal customers.

Leadership Bonus

Expand your business by developing new Dealer Locations. Earn a percentage on wholesale orders generated by your Dealers.

Customer network Bonus

The heart of your lifetime residual income. When your Personal Customers refer new people, and as your Dealers grow so does your Customer Network. Earn on all customer orders and re-orders in your network for life.

*Actual income will depend on the amount of time and effort an individual devotes to their business.