Fundraise With Coffee

Over 84% of people in the United States drink coffee.  For many people coffee is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity for their daily lives.  When you’re looking for a product to fundraise with, it doesn’t get much better than coffee.  Utilizing Okyrie Royale organic coffee gives you the advantage over many other means of fundraising. When people purchase coffee for themselves or their loved ones, not only are they receiving premium quality coffee, they are purchasing at the regular retail price as they normally would when ordering from us directly.  That means there are no unexpected markups in price for your supporters and 100% of the profits you earn go directly to your fundraising efforts.  We’re here to make it easy for you to raise the funds you need for the causes you support and believe in.

Fundraising Packages range from a minimum of 40 bags, up to 100 bags or more.  If you’re looking to raise $600 in a day, or over a weekend, the 50 bag Fundraising Package is any easy choice.  Looking for more?  Our 150 bag package will help you profit $1800! We can create packages as big as you need to fit your fundraising requirements.  The average Okyrie Royale customer purchases 2 bags of coffee, with a 100 bag Fundraising Package that’s only 50 people purchasing 2 bags each.  Everybody wins!  We’re in it to help you raise the funds you need for your next major project.


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