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Our business Opportunity allows you to develop a business with products people already use and love.

Over 82% of the 329 million people living in the United States drink coffee, and over 61% of those people drink 3-5 cups per day. Coffee is a massive industry, but it can be hard to penetrate. The Okyrie Royale Business Opportunity allows you to leverage the CCOF Organic coffees we source, our unique Air Roasting method, our luxurious packaging, debonair branding, and our continuous research to expand the product line so you don’t have to start from “zero.”

As an OKYRIE ROYALE business owner you have the opportunity to build your business in any location we operate – that’s in all 50 U.S. States.

Our certified organic coffee line is supported by coffee that is sourced from over 10 countries around the globe, offering a variety of single origins and signature blends. Our members love their Club experience, and the amazing services offered.  As a business  owner you will be able to leverage the Club Memberships, and the optional monthly auto-shipment system, to keep your customers fueled up and happy.

Choose your champion product to lead with, or leverage all of the Okyrie Royale product lines to grow your business. If you have a brick and mortar business you are able to utilize our B2B wholesale pricing to sell coffee at your location by the cup, or by selling bags. If you decide you want to be completely flexible and mobile, you are able to run your business as an online coffee shop. You have a ton of flexibility on how you want to leverage the Okyrie Royale eFranchise Opportunity.

Coffee is a $75 BN Industry in the U.S.

Look around you and notice…

How many people do you see drinking coffee everyday?

Starting-up an eFranchise is simply way to start-up your own business without all the expenses, costs and overhead that the more common franchises and brick and mortar businesses require you to take on. We are focused on helping you develop revenue-generating results by leveraging the use of our accumulated experience, wide range of technology, and AI.

With the support from the corporate staff, from product training and sales, to marketing and advertising assistance, we offer a complete 360 ̊ package for you to start-up your own Okyrie Royale business. There are no requirements to make bulk purchases, no monthly rent, no website fees, no extra on-going costs.

Coffee is simple, a coffee business should be too.

Are You Ready?

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Do you, or anyone you know, ever drink coffee?

If you can answer “yes” to that question, contact us today.

  • Club Memberships

    Save 26% on all Okyrie Royale coffee when you become a VIP Member. An auto-shipment of 1 bag is delivered to you every 4 weeks. Perfect for a household that drinks up to 1 cup per day.

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